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Composed of three main business departments-consumer goods, smart manufacturing, and visual communication, Fulcrum GmbH is an active proponent of the concept of "globalization", aiming to use global resources and provide services to citizens of the world. Our in-house R&D, collaboration with research institutions and the latest production techniques mean that we ensure our clients receive personalized advice and customized solutions. 


Headquarters in Cologne and production facilities and sales offices in Germany, China, and the United States, we are present worldwide and ideally positioned to meet the current and future requirements of our customers and global markets.

I.W.M. — Solutions for Raw Water Waterworks

Luanda Sudeste, Luanda 
 Residential project under government budget with our solutions for more efficiency and low maintenance. — Newly designed integrated E-bike  

#UNI4, Joylife 
100 km of battery long range, IPX6 waterproof, Gates Carbon Belt Transmission, and Magnesium Alloy One-piece Wheel Hub, bring you an excellent riding experience.



Durable and reliable: as a manufacturer of High-quality Diaphragm Pressure Expansion Vessels and Compressed Gas Storage Tanks, I.W.M. utilizes its expertise and optimizes processes to strictly control the process of each product.

Based on the rigorous design and research and development in the German headquarters, The company produces various high-performance pressure expansion vessels in Jiangsu Province, a modern chemical plant in China, for heating and cooling systems, drinking and sanitary water systems, hot water storage systems, and pneumatic storage and supply systems.

 Your smart choice

for pressure vessles.

Eureka.Store is one of the brands under Fulcrum GmbH, aiming to provide highly cost-effective design products to citizens of the world. We have corresponding warehousing in Germany, China, and the United States.

The fulcrum team cooperates with independent designers and manufacturers around the world, focusing on the concepts of design, manufacturing, and delivery to provide solutions for everyone. We provide but are not limited to indoor and outdoor decoration materials, electric bicycles, snowboards, kitchenware, and other products that enrich your beautiful life.

Bright, Warm, Cozy.


"Beyond the constant" has always been a hope through the concept of continuous progress and development. We have always looked forward to developing our internal design team independently and directly providing everyone with our unique perspective and design thinking. This is why we have always been loyal to the principle of design first.
I sincerely hope that the global village we live in and the villagers can live a better and happier life. We will work hard to develop and look forward to realizing our dreams.

Originality beyond constant.